Ok, here’s another chance to relive some of the golden days of road tripping. Of course, there are so many to choose from, so I’ll give a few examples.

1) Detroit – Tigers Vs. Cubs

Greg calls the two women in front of us dikes while Johnny Swol is busy checking fools into their seats. Keep in mind that we all drank a pint of blue label after killing a keg. We made it until the 7th inning before getting the boot….and we got one hell of an ovation as we were escorted out!

2) Canada/Detroit – Dan, Greg, Luchies, Mungovan, and I(J Swol) embarked on an eastward journey to Canana/Detroit to attend a Tigers game, although I can’t remember who they played. Anyways, I digress. On the way to Canada later that night, Greg decides to piss in the middle of the street before crossing the border. The shit was priceless, let me tell you. We all go out and just get shit-canned. I believe we were booted from at least 3 bars, but once again, I can’t seem to remember. Later on in the night, we return to the hotel and just make a scene at the front desk. The security guards ask us if we were going to be trouble, and of course, we said no. About 15 minutes later, we decide to have a royal rumble in the room. Everything from full cokes to chairs to suitcases were flying across the room. Needless to say, we received a knock on the door just minutes later. When we opened the door, the security guards were greeted by seeing Jevin holding a chair over his head with intent to launch. The guards then say to us, “we thought you weren’t going to be any trouble!” Jim had a great response…”you didn’t see our resume? Five drunk Americans in Windsor!”

Anyways, we are told to shut up or get the boot so we all go to sleep. However, Luchies and I decide to go out because it was only like 12:30. Everyone else is passed out when we leave. Then Luchies has on of the best ideas EVER! He turns the heat all the way up. We return about 2 hours later to find all the blankets on the floor and everyone covered in sweat! Man was that shit great.

Well, now it’s Chotchsky Nations trun to chime in…..