According to a Page Six report in the New York Post, Burress spent Wednesday night with his entourage at The Bliss Club, a popular nightspot in Clifton, New Jersey. After about an hour and a half of pushing around a cocktail waitress that would not pay him the attention he was seeking, Burress up and left the club without paying his $2,000 tab or tipping the waitress who rebuffed him.


It seemed that Burress was upset Wednesday night because “no women were paying any attention to him.” The worst offense? “He didn’t even tip his cocktail waitress,” said a source, who noted that Burress and his crew “were obviously on the prowl.” At one point, said the witness, Plaxico “got up from his VIP table and approached a group of girls at the bar.”

The report went on to say that he refused to sign autographs and basically acted like a child all night.

To his credit, the Giants released a statement confirming that Burress was at the club but denied him walking out without paying or approaching any females in a sexual manor.