Kobe Bryant has once again reiterated his desire to be traded. In fact, he flew to Barcelona, Spain on his own dime to inform Jerry Buss that there are only three teams he wants to be traded to. They are Phoenix, New York, and Chicago. Now we all know that Dr. Buss wouldn’t be dumb enough to trade him to the Suns, seeing how they are in the same division. That leaves the Bulls and Knicks. Well actually, it leaves the Bulls in all reality. Who would the Lakers want from the Knicks? An overrated Stephon Marbury? Perhaps Jamal Crawford and a bunch of draft picks? Wait, they don’t even have a first round pick because of the Eddy Curry trade(Thanks Isiah)! This leaves the Bulls who have young prospects on the cusp of tapping their primes. What would it take? Ben Gordon, Andres Nocioni, and both of their first round draft picks? How sick would the starting five be then?

PG-Kirk Hinrich
SG-Kobe Bryant
SF-Luol Deng
PF-Tyrus Thomas
C-Ben Wallace

We shall see what actually unfolds, but in all honesty, I don’t see the Lakers being dumb enough to trade Kobe. He is the only reason most of their fans show up to the Staples Center!