Wow is the only word that come to mind after reading this story. Back in March, Jon Kitna stated that the Lions would win 10 games this upcoming season. However, he has decided to shoot for the stars after seeing the schedule. He now ic claiming that the Lions will win more than 10 games this season. Why? Because he believes that Calvin Johnson will have a Reggie Bush like impact. Way to not put any pressure on the rookie Jon. The Saints didn’t have any other playmakers(Colston, Horn, McAllister, etc.)! This is seriously laugh out loud funny. The Lions were 3-13 last year, now this. Maybe Kitna should state that the team has achieveable goals like going .500! My question for Chotchsky Nation, since most of you are Lions fans, is this ever remotely possible? I’d have to think that Rader’s kid has a better chance of becoming the president!