The L.A. Times had a special section in yesterdays sports section that highlighted the most unlucky moments in L.A. sports history. Here is one excerpt from the article…

USC held a 7-3 lead in its BCS title game against Texas when Longhorns quarterback Vince Young seemed to touch his knee down before throwing an option pitch that went for a touchdown. The play was screaming for a replay review, but on college football’s biggest stage of the season, the replay-review system malfunctioned, depriving officials of the right play to review. The illegal touchdown stood, setting up Young’s final scrapbook moment – fourth-and-five from the Trojans’ eight, an obvious passing situation. USC plays it that way, looking for a pass that never comes, as Young pulls the ball down and sprints for the pylon for the winning score. Texas fans and the national media immediately declared Young “unstoppable,” but here we saw it differently. Here we are aware of the truth. Here we know that twice in that big game, Young was nothing but awfully lucky.

Ok, let me get this straight, Vince Young didn’t dominate that game? Gimme a f-ing break L.A. Times! While they are reporting this story, let’s bring up the “Bush Push,” a clearly illegal play. Or the fact the clock should have never stopped after Leinart fumbled the ball forward…it was Petey the Poodle that didn’t want replay…IN EITHER GAME!!! Well USC, you should have lost both games, instead you went .500. Let’s stop crying because you get away with plenty(Reggie Bush house scandal)!