Antoine Walker, a Chicago native, was robbed in his hometown last night. For the second time. Police and witnesses said two offenders held Walker and at least one other person at gunpoint during the robbery, Chicago broadcasters reported from the scene in the city’s River North neighborhood Monday night…What’s up with the River North neighborhood lately? First Tank Johnson’s friend and bodyguard gets shot to death at Ice Bar, and now this…my brother-in-law owns a restaurant in the River North district and I must say I’m surprised. Altough he once had his car stolen by some kid named Freddie Flowers in a gang initiation. What ever happened to rolling a die and getting your ass whipped for the # on the die times one minute(i.e. rolla 5 and get punished for 5 minutes)?

One thing I’m not surprised about is Toine getting jacked! This has to be some kind of karmic consequence for his journey from team to team in search of championship rings. What ever happened to loyaly Toine? If you’re wondering about the other time Mr. Walker was robbed in Chi Town, here’s an excerpt from the Sun Times…

In July 2000, Walker — then a Boston Celtic — was the victim of an armed robbery along with NBA center Nazr Mohammed as they sat in a vehicle waiting for a restaurant on Chicago’s South Side to open. Police said at the time that three men approached and demanded cash and valuables, which included a $55,000 wristwatch.

Nazr and Antoine might be the biggest two pussies in the league. Therefore, I find it fitting that they were robbed together. The assailants must have seen these two d-bags a mile away…and to be NBA players hanging in their hometown makes them even more pathetic! Chalk up 2 for Da Convicts!