According to sources close to Kobe Bryant, the NBA baller can’t take his wifes BS anymore and wants a divorce.

We spoke with a person extremely close to Kobe Bryant, who claims that the 28 year old ball player is ready to put an end to his 6 year marriage. The insider tells MediaTakeOut.com, “They’ve been trying [to make things better] now for more than a year, but it’s just not working out … Kobe’s in the process of moving out [of their home] and both are ready to officially end things.”

One problem for Kobe, the idiot didn’t get a prenup and will have to shell out half of his fortune. Not that she doesn’t deserve anything after the rape scandal that plagued their marriage for quite sometime, but half? At least he’s only 28…but let me ask you this. How much hotter is Vanessa now that she is filthy rich and smoking hot?