Former Houston Rocket and Minnesota Timberwolf Eddie Griffin (not that Eddie Griffin) died last Friday night. The delay in news results from the circumstances of his death:

Griffin ignored a railroad warning and drove his SUV through a barrier before striking a moving train around 1:30 a.m. Friday. His body was badly burned and he was not carrying any identification. Investigators used dental records to identify Griffin, 25, a Philadelphia product who was waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves last March.

In the world of the casual sports fan, Griffin will probably be remembered as a gifted but suspension-prone first-round bust who was constantly hounded by problems with alcohol. In the more discerning eye of the sports blogosphere, Griffin will be fondly remembered for getting into a traffic accident in a parking lot because he was masturbating to porn on his SUV’s DVD console. I am greatly saddened by the thought of him never giving us such a story again.