Brett Myers doesn’t appreciate when reporters question his judgment of distance:

When Myers was asked about the two home runs, he said they were really “just pop ups.” A reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer questioned whether Myers really thought they were pop ups, and Myers got angry. “You’re not even a beat reporter, you’re a fill-in, you don’t know anything about baseball,” said Myers, who then called the reporter “retarded.” The Inquirer reporter asked if Myers could spell retarded, and Myers stood up. Burrell then restrained Myers, and Myers refused to speak any further.

You would think a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper would know how to spell most words. Regardless, it’s never prudent to ask someone to spell out his insult. I remember when that guy called me a “lecherous blight on society”, and I responded by asking, “could you please spell that your Honor?” Those extra 6 weeks in the hoosegow for contempt of court really made me wish I would have studied phonics more.

Here is a pic of Myers in a Philadelphia courtroom last year…if you remember, he was arrested for hitting his wife. She tried to drop the charges, but to no avail. The prosecuting attorney seekd charges because of his malicious behavior over the years.