What a weekend! First off, Notre Dame and Michigan both lost decisively in their second games of the season. The only storylines going into the toilet bowl this weekend are Clausen Vs. Mallet and Mike Hart’s guarantee. We’ll see, but one thing is for sure. I’ve never been both teams play so crummy. At least MSU gives the Michiana are some hope!

On another note, the Bears defense is lights out. The Monsters of the Midway hel defending MVP LaDanian Tomlinson to just 25 yards, the second lowest output of his career. However, turnovers did the Bears in. The Chargers scored both of their TD’s after Bears turnovers deep in their own zone. However, it looks as though one of the turnovers was the result of horrible luck. Apparently, the punt that seemed to take an awkward downspin was because the ball hit a wire. Talk about bad luck…when things don’t go your way, good ole’ Murphy’s Law comes into effect.


Congrats to the Lions, their offense looked good against a good defense. We’ll see if they can keep it up. One thing is for sure, they have weapons at the receiver spot!